Geriatric Workouts

One of the most important ways to age gracefully is by maintaining a solid work out regime into old age. As the body sits around it tends to deteriorate, which can cause a lot of safety issues into old age. Things like a lack of balance or range of motion can make a small fall most people could catch themselves from into a near death experience. The key for seniors then, is to keep moving, not only for health, but also so that they can prevent becoming a victim of a lack of mobility.

The two most important things a geriatric workouts should focus on are range of motion and balance. These can be done in a number of ways, though gentle yoga classes tend to be the most popular. Most yoga studies and gyms offer these beginner classes, or senior specific classes that can help you maintain balance and range of motion long into your aging process. The moves are designed to be simple and gentle and not stress the joints too much, or be too difficult for people who many have lost some range of motion due to inactivity.

Beyond that, some simple cardio is a great way to keep the body in shape. Swimming is probably one of the best exercises for older groups as it is a full body workout with no stress on the joints. In addition swimming can also be a fun activity that is shared with kids and grand children making for a fun and exciting way to stay fit and healthy.

However, you do not need access to a pool, gym or even a yoga study to stay healthy. There are a myriad of ways for geriatric workouts to be effective. Simple things like DVDs of gentle yoga, as well as online streaming classes. Walking a dog is a great way to get in some gentle cardio work and it’s a great way to get out of the house and see some different scenery for a bit.

No matter what your age, or your athletic ability, there is a class out there for you. Getting started is the first step that can help dramatically increase your quality life for many years to come. As a bonus it is also a great way to socialize and meet some new and interesting people as well as get yourself out of the house for a bit.

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