Components Of Geriatics Diet

1Nutritional needs for aged adults are different from those required by the younger ones. This is because as one grows older, the body’s anatomy and physiology changes. In response to this, there is increased preference for foods that can be easily digested and increase the performance of the body. When this condition arises, the best thing to do is to make geriatics diet available.

The first need you may consider for older adults is food with sufficient calories. Old age comes with weakness so there is need for foods that can give strength and prevent muscle loss. According to the American Dietetic Association, older adults need about 1,600 to 2,800 calories every day. An adult can take as much as 2,800 calories if he or she has a daily routine that demands so much energy.

Protein is another nutrient that must be provided in their diets. Sufficient protein will prevent edema, fatigue and muscle weakness. Protein foods that can form part of their meals include beans, fish, nuts and eggs. Aged adults should not take red meat because it contains cholesterol. Alternatively, they can take lean meat or poultry foods such as chicken.

Since they are more prone to diseases, they need adequate consumption of vitamins and minerals. Some of their special needs include calcium, vitamin B 12 and vitamin D for strong bones. Sources of vitamin D include low-fat dairy, dark green vegetables and fortified cereals. You can add other elements like chromium and supplements talked about at a weight loss blog designed for all kinds of people.

The best way to be sure you are not missing out any of the essentials in a geriatics diet is by seeking the help of a dietitian. You will also need a doctor’s report to help the dietitian prepare a healthy diet plan. This may require hard work but it shouldn’t be a problem especially if you still want your aged adult to live longer.

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